No matter what, Barbie is unapologetically herself. Get to know one of the newest faces of #AerieREAL!
What makes you #AerieREAL?
I am unapologetically myself, no matter what anyone’s opinion of me is.

Lover or fighter?

I’m definitely a lover. You would never see me fighting anyone! I’m very strong with my opinions, so I fight for what I think is right, but it’s all out of love.

What are you currently listening to?

Future, always. Older hip hop/R&B too, and I love Brazilian music.

Breakfast in bed or dinner out?

If anyone knows me, they know that I don’t really leave my bed when I’m home. So definitely breakfast in bed.

Favorite thing about spring?

I just love the weather. Sometimes it gets a little too hot in New York—a lot too hot! But spring is the perfect time. It’s nice and breezy, sunny, flowers are out, trees are kickin’ in. Love it!

What makes you really laugh?


My two best friends. They’re crazy! They need a reality show.

How did you feel when you found out you wouldn’t be retouched?

Not being retouched in the images is something that is very important to me. People knowing that’s how I look like without any Photoshop, without anyone’s perception of what my body needs to look like.

In the world of modeling, how do you see yourself?

I see myself as almost an oddball in a lot of situations. It’s either I’m too small or too big for a lot of things, and when people are happy with me because I’m not changing for anyone, it’s really empowering. When I started doing “plus-size modeling,” I got put into a bit of a box. People like to change my body with padding in my boobs or in my body even. It’s different and a weird thing to see yourself not look like you, especially when you are so used to seeing things that are so raw and real. It’s really refreshing to see it happening again. I’m very excited.

What body positive message do you want to share with other girls?

Numbers don’t mean anything. There isn’t just one beauty that is allowed to wear a certain outfit, or allowed to model something, or allowed to be beautiful. You don’t have to have a six-pack to wear a swimsuit.

What’s one thing the world needs more of?

Women who are so strong that they don’t care about what other people think of them. I think every girl has potential to do that, it’s just society makes it really hard.

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