Your bra? Your BFF (best fit forever)! They support you, so make sure you do the same for them. Read on for our most important care tips to keep your bras at their best. BREAK TIME Sticking with the same bra every day not only gets boring, but it wears on your bras, too. Rotate between bras regularly to help preserve their elasticity. break-time CLEAN MACHINE Washing machines can cause snags, rips and even tears when used on the wrong settings. Hand wash for extra care, or use a mild detergent, cool water and a gentle cycle if you’re using the machine. clean-machine PUSHUP TLC Padding can deteriorate or become disfigured if you put it through the washing machine. Take out removable pads and always wash them by hand. pushup-tlc DON’T GET CAUGHT UP Hook it up! Washing bras with other clothes can damage your wardrobe. Make sure you clasp hooks to avoid snags and place bras in a lingerie bag for protection. dont-get-caught-up ALWAYS AIR DRY Avoid the high heat and tumble– dryers ruin elastic and cups. Always lay bras flat or hang them to dry. air-dry What are your favorite tips for caring for your delicates? Comment below and tell us!

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