Empowered women, empower women. We hosted an early Mother’s Day brunch for our team & their mamas. Watch the video below and read on see how our employees and their mothers spent an #AerieREAL Mother’s Day!
Mother’s Day brunch started off at The Vandal, a locally owned coffee shop and restaurant. Our #AerieREAL girls and their mother’s arrived in the morning to start off their day of appreciation with fresh coffee and introductions for all! Mother's Day With Aerie As the ladies drank their juice and coffee, #AerieREAL Role Model Iskra Lawrence and Aerie Vice President of Marketing Stacey McCormick spoke about what it means to be #AerieREAL and how important female empowerment and support truly is. Mother's Day With Aerie Mother's Day With Aerie Mother's Day With Aerie Not only did our employees get to learn more about their own mothers, but they heard stories from each others’ as well! Each woman shared favorite memories, funny anecdotes and proud accomplishments from their mother-daughter relationship. The idea of empowered women empowering women truly rang through the entire day! Mother's Day With Aerie Mother's Day With Aerie Gold Dust Floral provided a DIY bouquet station for each woman to create a floral masterpiece to take home. How fun! Fun wildflowers and sunflowers filled the room in each custom arrangement, which the ladies were able to add their own personal flare to. Mother's Day With Aerie Each woman was able to send a private video message to their mom! They shared stories of inspiration, empowerment and memories. Mother's Day With Aerie While every duo was very different, the bond between each mother and daughter was just as strong. In between laughter and, even some tears, the conversations all had one thing in common – love. Mother's Day With Aerie Mother's Day With Aerie How will you be spending your Mother’s Day? Comment below and share! Mother's Day With Aerie

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