Free The Girls is a non-profit that turns your new or gently used bras into economic opportunity & a path to freedom for human trafficking survivors. For every bra that you donate (any brand or style) in any Aerie store, we’ll recycle it or donate it with Free The Girls.

The women in the Free The Girls program use your bra donations to start their own businesses and sell the bras in their local second-hand clothing markets. In the program, they also receive job skills training, counseling, education reimbursement & more support. Once they graduate, they receive a matching grant for their new home or business as they start a new life on their own.

As of 2019, we’ve donated more than 25,000 bras thanks to YOU & all of your help!

Bra donations from this past year alone have Aerie on track to donate enough bras (around 200 boxes) to sustain businesses for all 15 women in Free The Girls’ El Salvador program.

In addition to making a difference, your donation also gets you 15% off your next bra at Aerie. Find your closest Aerie store and make a bra donation here.

Learn more about Free The Girls here.

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