We create some of the Play leggings you know & love with recycled polyester from the First Mile, an initiative that supports micro-economies in underdeveloped communities by collecting plastic bottles that are then repurposed into yarns.

Love your world!

So far, our Play leggings made using First Mile recycled yarns have helped to save more than 400,000 pounds of plastic waste—the weight of 9 million plastic bottles—from oceans & landfills.

Real Talk with Kelsey, Director of Sales

Thread International is the parent company of the First Mile initiative. We talked with Kelsey, Director of Sales at Thread, to get to know more about the impact that just one pair of leggings can have. Read the interview here.

Real Talk with Kelsey from Thread International 
Kelsey, Director of Sales at Thread

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  1. Olivia

    I want to buy THREAD leggings but website is very unclear about which styles/colors contain it. I'm not sure if that's part of your strategy to phase it in based on quality alone and no marketing at point of sale. But at least make it searchable!! NOTHING comes up for "recycled" or "THREAD" (product names but not Details/ Materials /Care are searchable, evidently). For Style: 0491-4469 (Only COlors true black, navy and deep plum) I feel confident I'm getting THREAD fabric due to the DEtails description, even though Materials description doesn't say recycled polyester. Is all "Feel Cozy"material made from THREAD? I see the "Real Good" branding in the corner of those, as well, but had to figure that out on my own.

    1. Aerie

      Hi Olivia, Thanks for your feedback! You’re right that the Real Good stamp means a product is made from recycled material, and you can see the details on the product page. We’re sorry that you had to dig around so much on our site to figure that out! If you can, please submit this feedback at Aerie.com using the “Feedback” section at the bottom of our page so we can make sure your comment reaches all teams. Thanks again!

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