Our fearless leader and Aerie Global Brand President, Jennifer Foyle, got to where she is today because of the strength she learned from her mom. We talked with Jen about some of the most important lessons she learned from her mom, and what she hopes to teach her own daughter, Maggie. 

What is the best advice your mom gave you?

Everything… she was everything to me. She shared countless lessons with me and instilled many priceless values. More than her words, she was a doer. She showed me more by her actions than by her words. My mom was a super hero to me. ❤

A few lines that I practice daily are: “Work hard, play hard,” “Less is more,” and “The early bird gets the worm.”

What is a value that you learned from your mom and share with your daughter, Maggie?

My mom taught me the value of being a good person—be kind and always reach a hand out to a friend. Be there for people and take time in life to do good things.

It’s a different time now… what’s the biggest difference from how you were raised vs. how you are raising your daughter?

I think I’m more open with Maggie. I am my real self with her and am comfortable with her seeing my strengths and weaknesses, happy and sad, good days and bad. I try my best to let her know she can come to me with anything.

Share something you learned from Maggie? 

It was the moment she once looked in the mirror and asked me if she was beautiful—it made me realize how precious life is and how impressionable our children are. We have a responsibility to help support and empower each other.

What is one sentence (ish) that describes the 3 generations of women in your family?

Strong… funny… strong… honest… Yes that’s the McInnis side of our family: Strong, funny, strong! 

Wishing you and all the strong women in your life the happiest Mother’s Day! 

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