No Exit by Taylor Adams is a thriller about four strangers who find themselves together during a blizzard, and a fearless young woman who faces a ruthless villain.

#AerieREAL Role Model & Actor, Lana Condor, brought this fearless pick to #AerieREAL Reads this month—read if you dare! Find out what Lana loves about this thriller, then use the discussion questions below as a guide for sharing your own thoughts about it in the comments.

Why did you choose this book?

Lana: I am obsessed with thrillers. They’re my favorite thing to read! I feel like they just take me out of reality and keep my mind active and my imagination flowing. I honestly just went to the bookstore and blindly searched for a back cover summary that peaked my interest. This one drew me in immediately.

What stuck with you after you finished?

Lana: A girl’s power. A girl’s ability to follow her gut and ultimately trusting yourself.

What do you hope readers take away from the story?

Lana: Trust yourself. Do what’s right, even if it scares you. You are stronger than you know.

Did you relate to any of the characters in the book? Tell us why!

Lana: I can relate to the main protagonist in some ways. I believe that I would make the right hard choice if I was put in her position.

As you’re reading No Exit or if you’ve already finished it, we want to know what you think! Use these discussion questions as a guide and share your thoughts in the comments section.

  1. Have you ever had to choose between two hard choices? What did you learn from that experience?
  2. Think about one time when you trusted yourself no matter what. How did you grow from that moment?
  3. Do you agree with the choice the protagonist made? What does it mean to make the right hard choice? If you had to give someone else advice about HOW to choose correctly, what would you say?

Now it’s your turn! Comment below and share your thoughts.

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