What better way to celebrate Mom than with a gift that’s handmade? We talked with #AerieREAL Role Model and sustainability activist Manuela Barón to get her take on 3 easy and fun DIY Mother’s Day gifts that you could put together using items that you can probably find around your home. Not only will you be making something timeless that your mom will love but by upcycling items you’ll also be doing your part to lessen the impact that consuming new items can have on the planet. Follow along in her video below to get the details on her gift ideas.  

In case you need extra clarity on assembling the rope for the hanging planter, we’ve listed some helpful directions below! 

  1. Cut 8 identical pieces of string that are long enough depending on how long you want the plant to hang. Make sure to account for a little extra length for tying the knots around the pot.  
  2. Make 4 pairs with the 8 pieces of string. Take each pair and tie a knot halfway through.
  3. With the four pairs laying side by side, start tying the strings that are next to each other together several inches under the initial knot you made in each pair. Do this twice leaving several inches below each set of knots.
  4. Combine all the string together and tie a knot at the end of each of your 4 pairs several inches from the end. Where you tie them in relation to the end of the string depends on how long you want the ends to hang on the bottom.
  5. Send/give to your mom to brighten her day!

Want to throw a virtual Mother’s Day brunch? Get the details on how to do it here

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