Throughout the last few months we have all been working nonstop to bring the entire Aerie fam more positivity. And many of you have shared that inspiration with us. But one person has kept us going as we’ve been working from home, our badass boss, Stacey McCormick!

Stace (as we lovingly call her) brings the love, the fire, the calm. Every single day. She not only runs all of marketing for Aerie, she runs a house with her husband and has been playing the role of teacher (as many of you) for their two kiddos and their dog, Molly. She does it all. And we mean everything. But don’t just take our word for it, her family feels the same.

Mike/Dad: She is the most loving & generous person I know—the rock of our family and a kind compassionate mother.

Mike: Dedicated.

Max/Son: She is nice to me and she always is there to help me with everything. My mom is cool because she plays hockey with me.

Layla/Daughter: She is beautiful and kind-hearted and is always there to help me with girl stuff.

Max: Nice, loving, & helpful.

Layla: Beautiful, kind & positive.

Mike: I love her to the moon and back!

Max: I love my mom all the way to the top of the universe and the bottom and back!

Layla: I love her a million out of 10!

Thanks for keeping us all connected and inspired, Stace. 

We are grateful for your support and passion and we all love you with all our 💚!

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