Let’s face it — saving money isn’t always easy. While we know the overarching benefits of what it can mean to put away an extra few bucks here and there, we don’t always know where to start and how to do it. Allow the Aerie family to share our own personal tips and tricks that have helped us to save, budget, and get creative in order to store up a little extra money. And don’t fret — even if you feel that you’re not yet in a financially stable enough position to consistently put your dollars to the side, we got you covered with things to try at home so you can start making prosperous changes in your everyday life.

Personal Advice On Saving

“I take any ‘unexpected’ money (bonuses, tax refund, credit card cash back, rebates, raises, etc.) and place at least half into savings. Since I didn’t ‘expect’ it in my budget, I don’t have immediate need for it. So, I boost my savings and at the same time have a little extra to do something fun with.”
Frank Magyar, Manager, Print Production

“As someone with a lot of student loan debt, it can be hard to save. Getting a financial advisor helped me take a look at where I could cut spending and start saving. They even helped me refinance my existing loans to get lower interest rates which will save me a lot in the long-run. Also, I use the Digit app, where you can create savings goals for special trips, rainy days, etc. The app will balance out how much you need to save per day/week so you can easily meet that savings goal.”
Haleigh Kopinski, Coordinator, Social Media

“Make it automatic! Have part of your paycheck go directly to savings before you can touch it.  Make a cushion for emergency expenses to save you from a credit card balance you have to pay interest on. Or worst-case scenario you can’t work or lose your job, you can cover day to day expenses.”
Jessica Frye, Manager, Visual Production

“Have an emergency fund of at least 3-6 months of living expenses in case life catches you by surprise…Learn the basics of investing and don’t be afraid of the stock market. Investing is not just for rich people! Invest in a target-date (age-based) fund or use a low-cost robo-advisor to get you started.”
Tori Roth, Designer

“I’ve always been a big advocate for cooking meals and making coffee at home – it’s not only a much healthier option, it adds up to huge savings over the course of just a few months. By investing in a (cheap) coffee pot, coffee grinder and frother, you can have coffee shop worthy coffee in the comfort of your own home! (The average American spend more than $1000/year on coffee!)”
Heather Duffin, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing

Getting Creative to Make Extra Money

“I have been selling clothes on Poshmark for a couple of years now. It’s a quick way to make some money by using things you already have and may want rid of! More recently, I started an Etsy shop (Wild Peach Co) and have made over $500 in the first week! The upfront cost was pretty low since I used a lot of the tools and items that I already have and know how to use. Friends are the best way to market and using social media is free. Your side hustle can grow QUICK!” 
Haleigh Kopinski, Coordinator, Social Media

thredUp is awesome! Request a free bag or shipping label and send old clothes and accessories away!  They sell them for you. I rack up a balance and cash out when it gets to a certain amount.”
Jessica Frye, Manager, Visual Production

“I buy used whenever I can to save money! Buying used products has a tremendous impact on the environment, and on your wallet. I like to get used gym equipment, clothing and camera gear.”
Elizabeth Cayouette, Videographer & Editor

“Saving is crucial right now because I am (hopefully) getting married next fall! As a side hustle, I teach barre and over the last few years, every penny I made teaching goes straight to the wedding fund. I’ve also had success in selling clothes on Insta! I have a serious shopping habit, so I’ve found that selling the clothes that I haven’t worn for a year or so not only helps make space for new things, but gives my old favorites new homes!”
Olivia Marconi, Coordinator, Business Strategies

“I have a savings account that I throw money into to fund my side hustle jewelry line, Mandy Reid! It’s only a year old so not making a ton of money from it yet but hopefully it will one day =) I have my own website, am part of a new digital marketplace called atpresent,  and a couple of my pieces are in the unsubscribed store =)”
Mandy Reid, Designer

“I have recently been in the need of housewares and some bigger purchases like furniture so I definitely have had to plan ahead and budget. My advice when making these bigger purchases is to DO YOUR RESEARCH! Find your inspiration and then search until you find a few items that you love. Once you’ve landed on a few options, sign up for the companies’ emails (most brands will offer a welcome discount) and wait until the item or site is on sale (This typically happens around big holiday weekends). 10-15% off can be a significant savings on some higher priced items. 

And one piece of advice I live by! Watch out for reoccurring expenses and small fees that can add up on a daily/weekly basis (shipping & return expenses, late fees, subscription expenses etc.).”
Heather Duffin, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing

How to Budget

“I use the Mint app to help me budget! With Mint you can set your budgets, see how much you’re spending on certain categories like eating out and shopping, check your credit score and SO much more. It’s really helped me get a handle on spending and budgeting. It’s also really helpful if you’re splitting the cost of living with someone else.”
Haleigh Kopinski, Coordinator, Social Media

“I started my financial wellness journey by adding up all of my necessary expenses (food, utilities, rent, car insurance, gas, WiFi). This showed me how much money I had remaining for savings and fun purchases. I then chose a set amount to divert to my savings account, which I did through updating my direct deposit instructions. This is helpful because that amount goes directly into my savings account and I don’t have to think about it.

I looked at the number remaining from my monthly income and chose a set amount of money to spend on clothes (mainly Aerie obviously!), and a set amount to spend on other fun purchases (fancy Tupperware, eating out, travel).”
Elizabeth Cayouette, Videographer & Editor

“I have a one and a three-year-old daughter and I swear they are growing overnight. It’s unbelievable how quickly they grow out of their clothing and shoes. When buying more investment pieces like coats, sweaters, shoes etc., I buy the next size up in order to extend the life of the item. I also have 2 girls, so I know the youngest will be able to wear the hand-me downs.”
Heather Duffin, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing

Home-Based Hacks

Join your local Buy Nothing Project chapter! Buy Nothing Project chapters are local “gift economies” where community members give away possessions they no longer use. Members can also ask the group for things they need, like kids’ clothes, air conditioning units and winter coats.

Once you’re a member, you’ll see that people offer up everything from appliances and kitchenware to decorations and DVDs. So far, I’ve picked up a sturdy side table, some cute bedding and my favorite desk chair. In addition to saving you money, participating in the Buy Nothing Project is also a total sustainability win (yay!) and a great way to meet new people in your community.”
Annaliese Downey, Sr. Copywriter

Buy staples and learn to cook around them! Rice, pasta and beans are versatile foods that can cook into lots of different recipes—and they stretch far! Frozen veggies are a better financial investment if you’re the kind of grocery shopper who has a lot of food waste. Or buy fresh veggies in bulk and freeze them in individual packets so they don’t go bad, and you have them ready to go for soups or a stir fry. (BTW… a good stir fry uses that rice you just bought in bulk AND your frozen veggies. Just saying.)

 You CAN be more sustainable AND it helps you save! Glass Tupperware instead of throwaway, washable towels instead of throwaway towels, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Making ONE big crock pot of chicken with chicken stock and use those leftovers throughout the week for all sorts of things! Like soup and stew and stir fry or barbeque sandwiches (just add BBQ sauce and maybe some onion…).

 Make sure you’re turning your lights off AND try setting your thermostat a few degrees different than you ordinarily would. You’ll probably be just as comfy AND you’ll save some cash. If you’re not already doing this, a water filter is more cost effective than plastic water bottles & better for the planet too!”
Rebecca Kirschbaum, Copywriter 

“I’m generally TERRIBLE with my finances and budgeting, but I save $$$ with my side gig as my family’s handywoman.  So far this summer I’ve fixed our outdoor plumbing (cost me $40 for what I’d have to have paid a plumber $200+ for!), tore out the old dead bushes in our landscaping, refinished an outdoor bench, painted our peeling front door, installed a fan and repaired a broken screen door!”
Melissa Halverson, VP — Insights, Strategy and Retention

So, what do you think? Did these tips give you something to think about and hopefully put into action? Let us know and share your own saving and budgeting hacks with us in the comments below.

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