#AerieREAL Ambassador Jennifer Brown’s love of fashion runs deep. Experimenting with different looks and ways to wear her favorite pieces is how she makes each day feel unique while also helping her to express herself and her moods on any given day. Jennifer mainly finds her outfit inspiration by flipping through the pages of her favorite magazine and by also considering how her look will function overall, which she says is key to finalizing any outfit!

To give you a glimpse at how some of her looks come together throughout the week, she’s sharing a REAL look at 5 different outfits you could catch her in Monday through Friday.

Maxi Dress Monday – Look #1:

When planning for the week, I enjoy styling my weekly head-to-toe outfits on Sundays. It saves lots of time in the morning and is entertaining for me. On Mondays I like to start the week off dressing comfortably and chic. The inspiration behind this look is the everyday street fashion. I love the idea of mixing up my casual pieces with flashy accessories. My go-to item these days has been my Aerie Knit Tiered Maxi Dress. I love the length, color, and style and you can wear it with almost anything.

Two-toned Tuesday – Look #2:

This look works perfectly on Tuesday. It is a fun blend of casual and dressy. The inspiration behind this look comes from the 1990’s grunge wear. My favorite from this look is the Aerie Knot Overalls. Keeping this look two-toned without many accessories makes a statement on its own. On Tuesdays, meetings or office tasks to complete might pop up that could require frequent movement. These overalls are perfect for this day, they fit loose and have deep pockets to tuck a pad of sticky notes and a pen for on the go.

Who, Wore, What Wednesday – Look #3:

This sporty look is fun, trendy and casual to wear to run evening errands midway through the week. I am a woman who loves wearing accessories. It adds that finished touch! My inspiration for this look comes from the current trend of making sweatshirts (hello, Aerie’s Good Vibes Oversized Sweatshirt!) and bottoms very street-fashion worthy. To bring some 1990’s flavor to this look, I incorporated crew socks, slides and hoop earrings.

Trendy Thursday – Look #4:

With fall right around the corner, I have started incorporating different elements like the Aerie Happy Henley Hoodie and biker boots into my wardrobe that give off that fall vibe. This look works for me to wear to the office. Sometimes where I work, it tends to get cold inside, and having long-sleeves to wear indoors makes it more comfortable for me. My inspiration for this look is incorporating elements from the biker and bohemian fashion trends.

Fashionable Friday – Look #5:

One of my favorite clothing articles to wear has been bike shorts this summer, and what I love about the Aerie Offline Bike Shorts are the length and fabric. I love the fact that you can dress these shorts up or down. This look is perfect for me scouting locations to shoot for my blog and doing lots of walking around throughout the day. My inspiration behind this look was recreating my version of the 1990’s biker short trend by adding in those unique fashion elements (baseball cap, crew socks, platform sneakers, and a dainty necklace).

Inspired to create your own look? Find your favorite pieces now!

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