’Tis the season for gift giving! And we get it — we kind of can’t believe it’s already here either. So, to make it a little easier this season, we’re providing some gifting inspiration that’ll help you check off your entire list (specifically, that friend who you want to spoil Aerie style!).

We got to talk with two of our #AerieREAL Ambassadors, Jenna Curran and Samantha Weber, to learn more about what went into picking gifts for each other this year (hint: the Aerie personal style quiz helped). Read on below to see what cozy pieces they selected and what fun details made these styles so special!

Q: What gifts did you receive?

A: I’m so lucky! Sam got me the Aerie New Love Corded Hoodie, Aerie fuzzy Graphic Crew Socks, Aerie Waffle Joggers, an Aerie Seamless Padded Bralette, and grey cotton undies!

Q: What do you love about the gifts you received?

A: Firstly, I love that Sam so accurately discovered what kind of Aerie girl I am. She took the style quiz as me & got “Cozy Homebody” which is so true! I love my comfy cozies and the outfit that Sam picked for me was just perfect! I love that I can style the hoodie with leggings, jeans or joggers to totally change the look but still be really comfy.

The blue color works really well for my skin tone and makes my blue eyes pop! I’m obsessed with the comfy joggers, they can double as my running-errands pants and PJs. It’s a win-win! The seamless bralette is one of those items you just know you need in every color because it’s perfectly made & can be worn to lounge, to sleep or to work out! Lastly, my Aerie sock collection is never ending…I can never have too many!

Q: Why did you choose the gifts that you did for Sam?

A: After taking the style quiz for Sam, I was validated in my suspicions that she is a “Mover & Shaker.” Sam is always in leggings, bike shorts & bra tops waiting for the next adventure. I knew getting her a matching legging/bra top set would fit her personality so well because she’s always on the move!

The pop of yellow with the Offline Packable Puffer Jacket was definitely a last-minute surprise addition to the gift. I knew she wouldn’t have anything else like it and she’d really benefit from it since she’s always going on hikes and exploring nature. Sam definitely is a Mover & Shaker but she’s also the daughter of a chef who makes ridiculously good food so the “CARBS” socks were the cherry on top of an already perfect gift!

Q: When you think about gifting in general, what helps guide you toward choosing for that other person?

A: I love being a thoughtful gift giver so I love to really take time to think about what my friends and family would appreciate. Gift-giving is different for everyone but it is really important to think about how your gift will fit into their everyday life. The combination of Aerie’s gift guide and style quiz really help narrow down the type of person I’m shopping for so I can pick out the best gift. It has totally changed the game and made gifting Aerie soo easy!

Q: Especially this year, why does giving to someone else feel good to you?

A: The holidays might look different this year, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t able to celebrate the season of giving! It’s important now, more than ever, that we show the people around us that we care.

Q: What gifts did you receive?

A: I received the Offline Shine Racerback Sports Bra, the Offline Hip Gloss Super High Waisted Legging, the Offline Packable Puffer Jacket in yellow, Offline Crew Socks that say CARBS, and Aerie No Show Thong Underwear that are holiday themed!

Q: What do you love about the gifts you received?

A: I love that all these gifts fit my body and my lifestyle! I rarely find time to relax because I am always on the go. I love connecting with nature and moving my body — exercise is a huge part of my life. Getting up and out of the house is where I find the most joy even if it’s just walking my dog around the neighborhood or hiking with my sisters.

All my gifts allow me to rock my Aerie and move my body at the same time and I absolutely love that! I also love that they are all so comfortable, the flexible material doesn’t restrict my movement, but encourages it, and will definitely keep me warm as the winter approaches. I can’t wait to wear my puffer jacket more when the days start to get chillier.

Q: Why did you choose the gifts that you did for the other person?

A: I chose the gifts I did for Jenna because I know how much she appreciates a cozy day/night at home. Jenna loves her warm, comfy feels and I wanted to gift her something she would be able to rock while sipping some hot cocoa and watching her favorite movie, surrounded by people she loves.

After taking the quiz I determined Jenna was a Cozy Homebody, as I expected, and although she is a mix of so many other things, I knew this fit her personality so well. I found the perfect comfy cozy items on the gift page for this style and I can’t wait to snuggle up with her, make some cookies and watch holiday movies.

Q: When you think about gifting in general, what helps guide you toward choosing for that other person?

A: When gifting in general the biggest thing I think about is: what makes the person I’m giving to happy? I think about what they enjoy, what their favorite thing is, what brings a smile to their face and also why I love them. I do this because I want to give them something that will also make them smile, something that they will love and will fit into their life like it always belonged there.

The gift guide style, The Cozy Homebody, helped so much this time around because Aerie narrowed my search to items that fit Jenna’s lifestyle, which helped make my job so much easier. If feeling relaxed and cozy makes her happy, I wanted to give her something she can relax in!

Q: Especially this year, why does giving to someone else feel good to you?

A: This year has been difficult for so many people. With the pandemic a lot of people felt a sense of loneliness and isolation, so giving to someone feels good because it shows them that you care. You might not be able to give them a hug or attend big holiday parties, but simply gifting someone something that you picked just for them will make them feel special and thought of. With all the hate that occured this year, giving is one way to spread love this season.

Get some gifting help from this year’s gift guide and let us know how you find the best gifts for your loved ones in the comments below!

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