We’re staying home for the holidays and we wanted to make it a little more festive! That’s why we’ve created this easy wool wreath how to. Read on below to see how you can help make your house feel more like a home this holiday.


• Embroidery or wreath hoop

• Chunky wool yarn skein

• Hot glue gun

• Ribbon

• Scissors

• Ornaments, pine cones, or any accent decorations you’d like to add*



  1. Cut your yarn into three long pieces.
  2. Begin braiding the yarn until the braid is long enough to create a loop the same size as the hoop.
  3. Hot glue the braid to the loop until both ends meet at the same point.
  1. Trim off any excess yarn from the braid.
  2. Using the ribbon, create a bow and hot glue the bow at the braid’s meeting point to hide the seam.
  3. Measure your ribbon to the same length and double it over, cutting at an angle.
  1. Tie the ribbon in a knot around the wreath to create your hanger.
  2. Hot glue any additional decorations onto the wreath.
  3. Hang it on a wall or your door for all to see!

What festive additions to you plan on adding to your wool wreath? Comment below & tell us!

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