2020 has been a year for the books — to say the least. It’s thrown a lot at us in a short amount of time and yet still, we’ve all found ways to remain steadfast, brave and REAL through it all. At Aerie, we want to especially thank all our #AerieREAL fam (yes, that’s you!) for being an integral part of our community. You’ve helped inspire not only us but countless individuals to live their best lives thanks to your enduring self-love and positivity.  

We want to take this time to reflect on some of the biggest moments over the year, which were all made possible because of you! Step back with us as we recap your favorite Aerie products, Instagram posts and ARL stories that got our community talking and kept us inspired throughout 2020.  

Top Products

Leggings, oversized tees and bike shorts were on your mind! More time at home meant more time for comfy and your choices show you know how to chill, play AND move.

#1 OFFLINE Real Me High Waisted Legging

You loved our Real Me legging this year and honestly, we can’t blame you! This fabric feels like the real you with soft support and a weightless touch. And this year, you made it your go-anywhere, do-anything, no BS legging!  

#2 OFFLINE OG Legging

Soft, easy & there for you — an OG is good like that. This legging feels like no frills, straight up! And you showed us that that’s exactly how you like it, making this classic style your No. 2 fave pick of 2020.

#3 Aerie Boyfriend Distressed Oversized T-Shirt

Oversized goes with EVERYTHING. You loved this super classic tee in our short-sleeved silhouette, showing us how you styled it with leggings, skirts and more throughout the year. As we always like to say: comfy and cute! 

#4 Aerie Good Vibes Oversized Sweatshirt

Aerie is about all good vibes, all the time. Allow our buttery-soft Good Vibes Sweatshirt to set the perfect example. Once you put it on this year, you kinda sorta didn’t want to take it off and the cozy top became one of your fave pieces from our collection.

#5 Bike Shorts

Right on time for everything you needed (or wanted!) to do, our bike shorts were the ultimate option for your go-to looks throughout 2020. You paired them with sports bras, you saw our PR manager rock them with oversized sweatshirts for a ’90s vibe, and our stylist Erin even dropped off some tips for wearing them with sherpa. One thing is clear — bike shorts FTW!   

Top ARL Posts

You’ve been keeping up with us on #AerieREAL Life and we love bringing you special stories that highlight all that we and you are up to! This year you were inspired by moments like our calls for positivity, our Changemakers launch, our bra FAQs and more.

#1 #AerieREAL Positivity

It’s somewhat no surprise that our number one ARL post is all about #AerieREAL positivity. We asked you how you are staying positive amid these uncertain times, because we understand that staying home isn’t always easy. You shared your moments of creativity, self-care, love and more, helping to keep our community encouraged and energized throughout the year.  

#2 Meet Your 2020 #AerieREAL Role Models

Together, we stopped retouching & started keeping it REAL. Together, we are empowering all people to let their real selves shine. Catch up on our 2020 #AerieREAL Role Models and see what things they’ve been up to this year, including taking part in our #AerieREAL Reads book club, hosting a virtual holiday event and more.  

#3 Meet Your 2020 #AerieREAL Changemakers

We launched something big this year with our new Changemakers program, which granted 20 different individuals/organizations with $20,000 each in order to help change the world! Take a look a back and meet the advocates that are pushing humanity forward. 

#4 Your bra FAQs, answered! 

Your bra should make you feel good and we believe that finding the perfect bra should be an empowering experience! We outlined some deets on the best way to pick out a style in our bra FAQs, including how sizing works, how to wash them, how often to replace them and more.  

#5 Whipped coffee recipe — oh-so-energizing!

You loved our recipes this year and couldn’t get enough of our whipped coffee treat! It’s creamy, frothy, and oh-so-energizing. Check out all the details for this four-step recipe to see how to make your own frothy version at home!  

Top Insta Posts

Thanks for tuning into our digital world and keeping up with us on Instagram! Some of your favorite posts this year featured positive mantras, our cutest OFFLINE pieces, and even floral veggie focaccia (yummy AND pretty — we totally get it).

2020 has presented us with a lot, but you still showed up #AerieREAL and in a big way! Thank you for bringing us our best moments of the year, and we can’t wait to continue the mission in 2021.  

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