It’s AAPI Heritage Month, and to celebrate the cultural diversity of our Aerie fam, we asked American Eagle & Aerie UI Designer Christina Lee (seen our app stickers lately? That’s all her!) to interview her older sister, Jen Lee (Product Marketing Manager at Facebook), about the significance and importance of AAPIHM. 

American Eagle & Aerie UI Designer Christina Lee in her home office. Photo by Kalie Frisky.

Over the course of their dialogue, Christina and Jen share their experiences of growing up Korean-American, covering the challenges they faced, their journeys to embracing their identities and the places that they currently find community. They also share their feelings on the recent media focus on violence against the AAPI community, emphasizing the transformative potential of heightened awareness and the power of solidarity among marginalized people. Their discussion ends on a celebratory note, as Christina and Jen reminisce about some of their favorite traditions and talk about what they love about Korean culture. 

Christina & her sister, Jen Lee, as kids and today.

Watch the video to hear the full conversation!

Aerie fam, how are you celebrating AAPI Heritage Month? Whether you’re connecting with your AAPI heritage, raising awareness about AAPI issues or educating yourself on AAPI cultures, let us know in the comments!

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