The Rollettes Dance Team shared their stories, inspo and #AerieREAL Voice with us! 

Chelsie Hill

Chelsie talked with us about why she created the Rollettes Dance Team, how much she values her sisterhood and friends and so much more. Watch the video below to learn about how her passion for dance is changing the world. 

Samantha Lopez

Watch her video to learn how connecting with her community built her confidence and why she feels a responsibility to live authentically. 

Edna Serrano

Edna talked with us about self-love! She’s passionate about believing in yourself, because it means you have an amazing future. Watch the video below to learn about how Edna is sharing her #AerieREAL Voice and love for dance with the world.  

Conner Lundius 

Conner talked with Aerie about why she believes it is important to maintain the integrity of who she is. Watch the full interview to learn why she cherishes the Rollettes and why who you are, and how you look, is enough. 

Natalie Fung

Natalie spoke with Aerie to talk about why it’s important for everyone to feel seen! Watch the full interview to learn about her career goal to empower the disability community and so more. 

Maria Rabaino

Maria uses her #AerieREAL Voice to tell others to “Stop focusing on what other people think about you. Start focusing on the people who empower you.” Her passion is empowering people with more accessible health and fitness. Watch the video below to see the entire interview. 

Steph Aiello

Steph uses her #AerieREAL Voice to empower women to feel confident: “The world will see you the way that you choose to let them see you.” Watch the full interview below! 


The Rollettes are doing so many amazing things in their community, from advocacy to fitness, there’s more to see! Learn more about the Rollettes here

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  1. brooke Jacobi

    Wow!! Just amazing stories. It’s very sad alcohol had to do with a few of the women. You just never know from one minute to the next that something so tragic can happen. The worst part is someone else inflicted the accidents that happened. I’m so proud that all of the women never gave up and become role models for other people a like. Amazing!!

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