Oh, mama! Today, it’s all about the wonderful moms in our Aerie fam.

This Mom’s Day, we’re spotlighting 7 winners of our REAL Voices Contest! We invited these amazing moms to celebrate their special day with an empowering photo shoot. While on set, we asked them about how their style has evolved since becoming a mom, how they’ve embraced their authentic selves and what advice they have for new moms.

Watch for a behind-the-scenes look and their thoughts on keeping it Aerie REAL as moms.

“What makes me Aerie REAL is that I try to always be a hundred percent myself, even when I’m in a room full of people.”


“I’m less concerned about scars or wrinkles or things like that, because I feel like that’s just a part of me and that they reflect the life that I’ve lived.”


We hope all the moms in our Aerie fam enjoy their special day this year! How are you celebrating being a mom today? How do you keep it #AerieREAL as a parent? Let us know in the comments and on social. Don’t forget to tag us @Aerie!

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