The most versatile undie style we’ve got comes in so many colors, and even styles! Choose from a thicker style of thong or a thinner, T-shaped style. They come in comfy cotton, soft vintage lace and a silky touch fabric.

Thongs are great because the provide the right amount of coverage and comfort without causing a panty line to appear. And because we provide so many prints and colors, you can find the perfect ones to match your bottoms.

Speaking of bottoms, we’ve got a ton of boxers, joggers and yoga pants that you might really want a thong under! Our yoga pants in particular fit tight to the booty adding shape and lift for your rear. A Thong would be perfect to keep it looking smooth whether you’re wearing those pants to class or to the gym. Similarly, our boxer shorts come in soft and silky fabrics that call for a little no-show undie action. Shop some of our no-show thongs to stay covered in all the right places and hidden in all the others.

For other super cheeky undie styles check out the mini cheeky. It’s like a cheeky fit but with more cheek peak. The mini cheeky also comes in the no show style.