Plunge Bras

For deep v-neck tees and more, our low plunge bras help take you to a new level of low-cut. A plunge bra cuts the deepest, providing the least amount of coverage, and always pairs with a push-up cup for a super sexy fit. They’re great for low-cut shirts when you want to show off what you got with added cleavage. And the wires in the cups are close together to help give you the best boost!

When you want a little Perky lift in a v-neck tee, Charley is your girl. Her gore (fabric/space in between your cups) is an o-ring, so without fabric between her cups, she can go extra low. For an everyday Perkier plunge, we love Brooke. She gives great lift, and comes in racerback-only for plunge with a twist. Emma and Drew are both plunge pushups, and for good reason: Emma adds one cup size (Whoa!) and Drew adds two full cup sizes (Double Whoa!!). Emma also has the option of removable air pads in case you want the plunge without as much of the push. Either way, deep plunge is a given for both of these girls.

Once upon a time, a strapless, backless dress meant there was no way you could wear a bra. But times have changed, and our line of bra accessories now solves what used to be an impossible bra situation. Our U Plunge Bra is not just a plunge push up bra, but a plunge backless bra, too. It lets you feel comfortable and covered, even when you’re baring a lot of your bod.

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