Cotton Undies

We call them favorites for a reason! Cotton is a go-to for a super soft, comfortable, breathable fabric. Because cotton undies are an undie drawer essential, we make sure to offer them in all of our fits. We have them in basic colors, fun prints and patterns, and even with little additions like bows, lace waistbands, mesh trims and more. A girl’s gotta have options!

Because cotton panties are an underwear must-have, they come in all of our fits. For the most cheek peek, wear a basic or string cotton thong. For a little more coverage, cotton cheekies will give you a flirtier fit, or take it one step further with a mini boybrief, the cheekier version of our boybrief fit. Our boybrief is our number one fit, and the best borrowed-from-the-boys style. If you’re looking for total cheek coverage and total comfort, a cotton bikini will do the trick, and you can still make this classic a little sexier if you try a cotton string bikini.

If cotton isn’t doing it for you, try one of our other fabrics! If you’re wearing a tight style on the bottom like leggings or yoga pants, go for our Outta-Sight undies to make sure your undie lines won’t show through. For a match to your Seamless Sports Bra, try our Seamless undies. They’re made from a nylon blend that you have to feel to believe: no seams means total comfort. Vintage Lace is also a favorite for feeling extra pretty and feminine in a sweet lace fabric. Whatever the fabric and whatever the fit, make sure to keep some cotton underwear in your drawer.