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Women's Socks

Treat your feet! You love the coziest, cutest socks and Aerie is here to make you smile with all the best patterns, graphics, colors & the softest fabrics. Whether you’re looking for knee highs, crew socks, ankle socks or fuzzy ones, you’re in the right place.

Cozy knee high socks are a serious go-to, and they’re amaze for the chilly winter months. Knee high socks are the best under boots, or over leggings. They also look super cute with dresses and skirts. Crew socks are a total classic, and we have the best patterns, colors, & graphics. Our crew socks come in the coziest fabrics with pretty textures. Ankle socks are here to treat your toes during a workout & no-show socks are the best sneaky trick for your fave shoes & sneakers. 

Tights are back. Yes! Rock your fave skirts and dresses all winter long with cozy, soft tights that keep you warm and covered. Basic tights are your everyday love, and pretty deets like stars & polka dots are amaze for an extra fun look. Sweater tights are here to keep out the brrr! 

Whether you’re couch surfing, at the gym, or getting your stuff done, Aerie has all the coziest socks & tights for you! And don’t forget about your BFF! Cute socks make the BEST gift.