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Aerie Sunglasses

It’s sunny out! YES! Protect your eyes from UV rays & feel super cute in our latest and greatest sunnies. Find your peachy pair, or grab one of each! 

Frames are the name of the game! Cat eye sunglasses are here for some old school vibes. Aviator sunnies are here for that sporty, classic vibe. Aerie So Fly Aviators & Aerie Desert Aviators are serious loves. Round sunnies have super cool 60s vibes & make any outfit totally retro. 

Don’t lose your shades! Sunnie accessories like pretty tortoise sunglass chains are here to make sure your sunglasses stay where they belong. 

Headed to the beach in your new sunnies? Check out our swimsuits & beach coverups. P.S. Check out our skincare and bags to Stock up on SPF and cute new beach totes. It’s vacay time!