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High Waisted Leggings & Yoga Pants

Aerie Flare leggings
Aerie Flare leggings
Offline full length leggings
Offline 7/8 length leggings
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Bestselling Crossover Flares & Leggings Humble brag: they're famous.
Black and white image of 4 models in black Aerie leggings
OUR SOURCES SAY... These are the black leggings you're wearing on repeat!
Model in matching blue workout set
Model in brown Aerie Real Me XTRA™ Bootcut Legging
NEW! Real Me XTRA™ BOOTCUT LEGGING This just-right bootcut leg is made for walkin'.
Green brackground
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IN LENGTHS MADE FOR YOU. OFFLINE leggings come in short and long lengths.
Bestselling Crossover Flares & Leggings Humble brag: they're famous.
Aerie Leggings & Yoga Pants

Leggings are everything. Whether you’re hitting the gym (or hitting the couch!) Aerie has a pair of leggings for YOU! So many of our sweaters, tops & sweatshirts are MADE for leggings, and our leggings are made (with love) just for you!

Aerie’s amaze legging collection is here for you to live in. Our leggings are here for you when you want to Chill, Play, or Move. Chill leggings are designed with our super soft and comfortable Chill fabric! Chill leggings are here for lazy days, long walks, errands & just general chilling out. Play leggings are the best for getting a sweat on: in the gym or outside! Move leggings are here for you to feel comfy and supported when you want to kick it up a notch and get moving.

Leggings are your go-to everyday love. Need super sporty vibes & major support to match your newest leggings? Seamless, spandex-blend & mesh sports bras are our absolute faves! Comfortable and easy for ANY activity. Amaze. Think about deets (because you know it’s the little things.) Peep cutouts. Cute! Ooh and yoga bra plus yoga pants equals LOVE. Whether it’s a marathon (or a TV marathon) kind of day… you’re supported.

It’s so easy to find the prettiest match for your fave leggings! Pair with a sweatshirt made for leggings for the coziest vibes, or pick a graphic T-shirt to show off your style. Sports bras are here for you to get moving, too!