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Best Selling Pool-To-Party

Pool-To-Party How to style!
Pool To Party Lurex Easy. Effortless. With a dash of glitter.
Pool-To-Party Linen Blend Breezy, beachy & soft.
Pool-To-Party Easy. Effortless. Cool.
Best-Selling Pool-to-Party Linen Cover Ups
Women’s Linen Shirts, Short & Cover Ups

Ready to turn heads from poolside chic to party ready? We’ve got the ultimate lineup of linen looks that seamlessly transition you from lounging in the sun to being on the run! Aerie’s collection of linen tops and shorts come in a variety of fun colors to match every vibe. From bright colors to classic white, our linen tops for women never go out of style.

There’s so much to love about linen! Linen is the go-to fabric for breezy comfort. Lightweight and breathable, linen tops and shorts keep you cool and comfortable no matter the temperature. Say goodbye to high-maintenance fabrics! Our linen blend is low-key when it comes to care – it softens with each wash and looks better with a little wrinkle.

Lots to Love with Linen Cover Ups

Linen cover ups are the best poolside accessory that offers style and elegance. Whether you're slipping a linen top over your swimsuit for a stroll along the shoreline or pairing it with your favorite denim shorts for a breezy brunch, linen cover ups are the ultimate versatile piece in your summer wardrobe.

Want a little more coverage? Our linen blend pants are comfortable and stylish options for anyone craving lightweight protection from the sun. You can dress linen blend pants up or down, whether you’re coming from the pool or braving the heat. Pair your linen blend pants with a simple white t-shirt or fitted tank top for a relaxed yet stylish look. With so many ways to wear, linen pants and shirts for women are the epitome of casual chic.