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Soft Flannel Shirts & Tops

Feel good from tops to bottom! Aerie shirts are super soft, v cozy & made to make you smile. Looking to feel put together and cozy? Aerie button downs are going to be your go to. With pockets (!!!) and pretty buttons & collars, you’ll be ready to go!

It’s all about the little things… so peep pretty deets like graphics, stripes, and funky vintage washes. Aerie soft flannel shirts are made to keep you cozy with fabrics like super soft cotton. An Aerie button down is a serious love for winter, spring, summer or fall!

It’s so easy to find the prettiest match for your fave tops! Pair a button down with our large selection of leggings and yoga pants for a sporty vibe, or match with a pair of super soft shorts for the cutest look.