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Men's 3" Boxer Briefs
Men's 3" boxer briefs are serious about comfort day in and day out. From the inseam length, functional fly design, soft materials and stretch waistbands, American Eagle trunk underwear means business. This style is perfect for the guy who likes a snug and secure fit from his underwear. He doesn’t want the traditional relaxed fit that comes with boxer shorts, or the long fit of longer inseams. He wants a close fit that’s designed perfectly to wear with tight-fitting jeans.

Let’s kick things off with the 3” inseam. We know what you’re thinking, that’s kind of short right? While it is the shortest inseam length we make, it still gives great coverage and is ideal for wearing with pants like joggers and AE skinny or slim jeans. They have a functional fly and contoured pouch for a great fit, and come in multiple styles to match your day: cooling, warming, Flex and classic.

Classic trunk underwear and shorter boxer briefs are made in a soft stretch jersey fabric for a great everyday fit, while our Flex trunks keep moisture away so you feel fresh and comfortable during your active day. Warming trunks are made to combat the elements during cold winter months, and cooling trunks are lightweight and breathable for the dog days of summer. There’s a pair of trunk underwear for every day, activity and outing so suit up with American Eagle.

3" boxer briefs are really where the AE style comes through in full force. Incredible patterns, bright seasonal graphics and holiday prints are used to make your men’s underwear stand out from the crowd. If you’re a more chill, easy-going guy though, we’ve got plaids, solid colors and relaxed AE branding styles to keep things a little laid back and simple. If you want to experiment with different fits like men’s briefs or boxers, head over to our men’s underwear page to see the latest and greatest styles for this season.