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Men's Khaki Shorts

Model in 7'' Lived-In Khaki Shorts
Skylar is 5'11" and wearing the 7” Lived-In Khaki Short in a size 29.
Model in AE 9'' Lived-In Khaki shorts
Adiel is 5'11" and wearing the 9" Lived-In Khaki Short in a size 36.
Model in AE 12'' Lived-In Khaki shorts
Stevan is 6'2" and wearing the 12” Lived-In Khaki Short in a size 32.
Men's Khaki Shorts
When it comes to short season, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Men’s khaki shorts, flat front shorts, and twill shorts are always an easy choice for spring and summer. Start with your favorite shade of khaki (we’ve got lots – from light caramel hues to dark navy and black), then dress the look up or down depending on what you’re up to. These aren’t your dad’s khaki shorts either – American Eagle khaki shorts come in a slim fit for a clean, tailored look, or classic fit for a more relaxed vibe. Plus, we make them in different lengths so you always get the fit you’re looking for, no matter what your style is.

Longer length khaki shorts use our longest inseam to create a laid-back look that hits below the knee. Whether you’re on the taller side or just like the look of a longer short, we’ve got you covered. If your style is a little on the shorter side, try out the 5.5” short or 7" khaki shorts that hit above the knee for a prep-inspired look. With multiple inseam options from 12” to 5.5”, AE khaki shorts make sure you have your preferred fit every time. Once you know your length, choose colors like classic khaki, navy blue, and olive green, to bolder hues like pink, baby blue, and mustard yellow. If you really want to mix it up, go for camo shorts or other fresh prints and colors.

Our khaki shorts are made in durable stretch fabric and upgraded with Flex or AirFlex+ tech to make sure the shorts move with you and stay comfy all day. They still have the look and feel of rugged khaki twill, they just perform a little better and last longer. Made with the best fabrics and best colors around, these shorts don’t mess around. They’re made for all your warm weather plans and are dyed for softness that just feels good. Want the flat front short look at full length for your next date night or school day? Check out our collection of men's pants and khakis made in the same soft, lived-in twill fabric.

The right pair of khaki shorts is really all you need to step your style up this spring and summer. From there, you can wear them with all the men's shirts and tops you want. Try khaki shorts with a fleece hoodie for a laid-back look, or twill khaki shorts with a button-up shirt for a clean style. Other men's shorts like denim shorts and sweat shorts make sure you have a look you love, and if you need a little more coverage you can’t go wrong with American Eagle men's jeans.