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Men's Patched Jeans

Create your next outfit with patched jeans. Patched and ripped jeans add character to your look with patched tears, frayed hems, mended backing, strategic fading and repaired tears. Your distressed jeans will break in the more you wear them, and become even more personalized over time. The ripped and destroyed jean design looks good with every men's shirt and top we make, ranging from a brightly colored graphic tee to a striped button up shirt. No matter what you wear with it though, this style can take your look to the next level easily.

Patched jeans come in all kinds of fits to make sure you have a pair of jeans that feel as good as they look. Create the look you’ve been searching for with skinny jeans that keep things tight and fitted or slim jeans that offer a lean and clean look. Holes and tears create that edgy look you want, but patched designs make sure you’re not showing too much skin during colder weather. And if you’re worried about school dress codes not jiving with your ripped jeans, patched jeans might just be the answer. Choose from all kinds of styles and denim washes ranging from super light, faded blue washes to darker indigo hues that offer a classic blue jean look everywhere you go.

AE men's jeans come in different fabrics so you can always have the right one for you and your day. Rigid denim is durable and breaks in over time, and Flex moves with you to keep up with your on-the-move day. Ne(X)t Level AirFlex kicks things up a notch or two to make sure your jeans are ready for anything and everything. It has a high stretch level that keeps its shape even after a full day of wear, and feels like the best jeans you’ve ever worn. Round out your day with distressed details like patches, mending and backing to create the patched jeans look you want daily.

Our patched jeans are always on trend, but if you’re not sure which style is best for you, check out all our men’s jean trends to discover new designs we love like ripped jeans, non-stretch jeans, and black jeans. Or shop by jean fit to find all your favorites like skinny jeans, Athletic fit jeans, straight leg jeans, bootcut jeans and a ton more. And since we always want you to love how your jeans look and feel, our men’s jeans come in waist sizes 26-48 and lengths 28-36.