Funnel Neck Hoodies for Men
Find your new favorite pullover with men’s funnel neck hoodies from American Eagle. These iconic hooded sweatshirts are all about a classic zip neck design, super-soft fabrics, and a comfortable fit you can wear anywhere. Dress them up with chinos or jeans for a put-together vibe, or swap out your hoodie and joggers with a funnel neck sweatshirt and khaki shorts for a laid-back look this spring and summer. The best part about these pullovers? They go with pretty much anything, and come in tons of colors and designs so you can mix and match your look the way you want.

If you need another layer when temps drop, funnel neck hoodies and sweatshirts are a good solution. They dress up your look more than a hoodie, and offer a classic sweatshirt fit that looks good when worn over button up shirts, too. Wear them with your favorite men's jeans fits like skinny jeans, slim jeans, stacked jeans, and Athletic jeans in throwback-inspired light washes and classic dark washes. Wear a pullover with ripped jeans to give your look a little edge, and add accessories like a sling bag and hat to complete the look.

American Eagle hoodies and sweatshirts create a classic, comfortable fit whenever you need it. Searching for that just-right extra layer on a breezy day? Grab a pullover hoodie made from super-soft fleece. Want to show off your favorite things even on a cold day? Graphic sweatshirts have got you covered. Crew neck sweatshirts add an iconic look to your layered day, and zip-up hoodies add versatility when you need it most – on cool days when you’re reaching for a tried-and-true layer.

Men's shirts and tops like funnel neck hoodies don’t have to be complicated – just stock up on the essentials from American Eagle and you’re ready with classic fits and an iconic style. Wear them with chinos, jeans, shorts, and joggers to create the look you want, and add fresh accessories like new shoes, bags, and hats to put the finishing details on your day. Whatever your day brings, be ready with a little help from American Eagle.