Women's Joggers & Sweatpants

Think beyond the gym when you think of joggers and sweatpants for women. These comfy classics are good for everything you can think of – from a quick trip to the store to a road trip headed out on your next vacation. Need something easy for your next travel or work from home day? Sweatpants are there for you with all the comfort and convenience needed to get the job done. Searching for a comfortable fit but with an on-trend design? Joggers show up for you all day, every day. Browse the full line of joggers & sweatpants and find your next cozy favorites today.

Previously, women’s sweatpants only existed to keep you comfortable and cozy. With their oversized fits and drab colors, they weren’t too much to look at. At AE, we believe comfort and style should go together like comfy clothes and lazy days, so we’ve created a wide variety of sweatpants with of-the-moment colors and designs so you always have a look that looks as good as it feels. This straight leg pant comes in bold colors and has the best details, too. New colors and features set our sweatpants apart from the rest, and makes sure you never worry about how you look when you have to run out for a quick bite to eat or when you’re on route to your next yoga class.

If you love the comfortable sweatpants design but want something a little more tapered and trendier, joggers are there to answer the call. We know this slimming fit just feels good when it’s time to hit up the gym or hop in the car to run errands, too. Joggers are just right for everything from lazy mornings to walking your dog. Since they have a tapered leg design, they’re also perfect for wearing with your favorite pair of sneakers, too. Essentially what we’re saying is, you love joggers, we love joggers. It’s meant to be. And since some joggers and sweatpants have matching tops like hoodies and sweatshirts, you can mix and match your look as much (or as little) as you want.

AEO women’s joggers and sweatpants are all made with super soft fabrics to improve your comfort levels. Soft fleece, stretch cotton, waffle fabric & more create your ideal jogger & sweatpants style so you feel good every time you wear them. Other details like side stripes, printed designs, branded graphics, snap track pant designs & more elevate the look and add a luxe feel to your joggers game. Keep the relaxed vibes coming on strong with women’s tops like t-shirts, graphic tees and more, or check out Aerie sweatpants to find your next favorite go-to sweatpants and joggers.