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Give cozy! Give cute! Give to your BFF (AND YOU)! Aerie is your one stop gift shop for your loved one’s newest loves. Whether you’re going to a birthday party, a holiday party, or just trying to find a way to say thank you, Aerie is here with the cutest presents for your fave people. Self-care is the BEST! And the best gift to give. Pamper your besties with all the relaxation essentials like candles, face masks, stress balls & MORE. 

It’s always s’smart to give gifts that your friends & fam will actual use. Think the cutest gift bags that double as lunch bags, or their newest fave water bottle for hitting the gym, travelling, & staying hydrated (!!!) Games are always great (no matter your age), so pick out the cutest card game for your BFF and have the most amaze night in. 

Help your BFF decorate her room with pretty twinkle lights & other s’cute decorations. Make home feel EVEN cozier with blankets, candles, light up boards & more. YES!