Men’s Original Bootcut Jeans

Choose a classic look every day of the week when you suit up in original bootcut jeans from American Eagle. We make a couple different kinds of bootcut jeans so you can have the right one for you every time. The original bootcut uses a design that’s cut straight through the thigh with a bootcut leg opening to create a comfortable fit, and the classic bootcut jean is loose through the thigh with a bootcut leg opening. Bootcut jeans offer a classic style for the guy who isn’t so into the tight-fitting, skinny jean movement. They’re designed with the timeless bootcut leg opening that accommodates your work boots, sneakers and whatever other shoes you’re into. Mix and match your original bootcut jeans with all your favorite men’s tops, and level up your look with AE footwear, too.

Our men’s jeans come in different fabrics ranging from rigid, non-stretch denim to Flex, Ne(X)t Level Flex and AirFlex fabrics. Our rigid non-stretch denim is designed to break in and become more personalized to how you wear them over time and our Flex denim is durable and has just enough stretch so you can more comfortably. Ne(X)t Level fabrics step up the flex levels to create the most comfortable jeans you’ve ever worn. Ne(X)t Level Flex jeans have a high stretch level and always keep their shape even after a full day of wear, and AirFlex jeans are designed with an authentic looking denim that still has a high stretch level to keep you comfortable no matter what you’re up to. Love the bootcut jean fit but need to give your jeans a rest? Bootcut khaki pants have got you covered when you need to dress up you look for the next date night.

Our denim fabrics all look good in different washes, too. Go for a faded light wash that fulfills your wishes for an easy throwback vibe, or go for a medium wash jean for a classic denim look. Darker washes look great when dressed up for date night or family outings, and black jeans and colored jeans change things up. Other details like hand-made destruction make our men’s jeans even better, too. Ripped jeans add character and style to your outfit of the day with ripped knees, distressed details and frayed holes and rips. Create the look you want by pairing your bootcut jeans with all our men’s shirts, ranging from t-shirts, graphic tees and button up shirts, tank tops and hoodies and rugby shirts, too.

Find your next favorite jeans at American Eagle and feel good about your denim selections. Shop by fits like the original bootcut jean, skinny jeans, athletic fit jeans, loose fit jeans and a bunch more to find the right one for you. And since our men’s jeans come in waist sizes 26-48 and lengths 28-36, you can always find the right fit and feel for you. Or if you’re looking for other men’s bottoms to complete the full line-up, shop American Eagle for shorts, joggers, swim shorts, pants and more. With seasonal refreshes, these styles always offer something new for you to refresh your look and feel good about your style, no matter what.