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Short 2" Trunk Underwear for Men

Keep it short, keep it tight. Our shortest trunk underwear comes in with a 2” inseam length for a length that’s perfect for wearing with tight-fitting jeans, joggers, shorts and pretty much anything else. Trunk underwear makes sure you have a secure fit beneath your American Eagle jeans, and feature AE branding on the waistband for added style.

Our shortest trunk underwear is designed with a soft stretch jersey to keep up with your on-the-go days. They use a functional fly for convenience, and a stretch waistband to move with you. If you’re the kind of guy that likes a close fit, then this style is a dream. It’s supportive enough for active days, chill days, lounge days and basically any kind of day you can think of. If you’re into less coverage, AE men's briefs offer a similar fit with a contoured pouch and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you feeling good and fresh.

If you do want a little more coverage, then our 3” trunk underwear is the fit to check out. It offers low-profile comfort perfect for active days, and always comes with a stretch waistband to increase comfort levels. 3” trunk underwear not cutting it? That’s cool, we’ve got our 6” and 9” boxer brief underwear and our 6” boxer shorts too. Sometimes it’s good to change things up, so check out our full assortment of men’s underwear and pick out your next favorite.

AE men’s underwear is always there when you need it. A full day of work and class, shooting hoops with friends, hitting the hay, anything you need, our fits answer the call. They’re made with incredible fabrics and have all the design details you need to get the job done and then some. Finish out your AE look with our men’s accessories for that polished, laid-back, or cool look you’ve been going for.