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Men's Boxer Briefs
American Eagle men’s boxer briefs combine all your favorite elements of both styles – boxers and briefs – to create the best fit yet under your favorite jeans, joggers, running tights and more. They come in shorter 6” lengths and longer 9” lengths so you have the fit you prefer, all so you can stay comfortable from morning until night. Boxer briefs meet you where you are for the day – whether it’s lounging around your house, out for a run, at class or at work. They're designed to stay in place, offer plenty of coverage, and make sure you have enough room to breathe and stay comfortable day in and day out.

6” boxer briefs come in multiple styles so you can wear it your way – the 6” classic boxer brief, Flex boxer brief, warming boxer brief, compression and cooling boxer brief. We make multiple varieties so you have the perfect fit for working out, cold weather, hot summer days and pretty much anything in between. The 6” inseam is the most popular and hits at the middle of the thigh without riding up or causing annoying bulking or chafing throughout your day. It's a classic fit for a classic guy, and makes sure you have a long enough inseam to stay comfortable without the legs riding up or causing discomfort when you're on the move.

The 9” boxer brief hits at the top of the knee for serious coverage you can count on under your favorite AE jeans, chinos and more. They come in multiple fits like the Flex, warming boxer brief, compression and cooling boxer brief so you can have more coverage for all the activities in your life, whether it’s working up a sweat, staying cool in the summer or just hanging around in your boxers at home. Flex and compression boxer briefs keep you in the zone at the gym, while cooling boxer briefs and warming boxer briefs keep you feeling comfortable in warm and cold temperatures.

Men’s boxer briefs keep you from answering the age-old question of boxers or briefs. With this incredible fit, your favorite can be both, together in one reliable style. American Eagle men’s underwear uses holiday prints, fun colors and cool graphics to show off your style from the first layer to the last. They’re great for treating yourself to a new fit and style whenever, and they make a great gift for sprucing up your guy’s underwear with some festive fun this season.