Curvy Highest Waist Jeggings
What do you get when you combine a Curvy jegging with our highest rise? The best fitting and feeling jeans ever, of course. Curvy Highest Waist Jeggings use the comfiest elements from both styles to create a high-rise jegging that’s made for curves with more room through the hip and thigh. They come with different washes and design details so you can have the right one for you, and make sure you never have to sacrifice a great fit for the style and look you want.

Most women’s jeans are designed with a 10” hip to waist difference, but American Eagle Curvy jeans use a 13” difference to eliminate waistband gapping (when your jeans fit at the hip and thigh but are too roomy at the waist). This means less pulling your jeans up throughout the day, and less adjusting in general. Other design details of Curvy jeans like more room through the hip and thigh mean you’ll have that “just-right” fit you’ve been dreaming about.


Choose Curvy highest waist jeggings in a light wash and wear them with a crop top for those warm summer nights, or switch things out for a darker wash jean and a comfy fleece sweatshirt for a cozy vibe you’ll keep coming back to. These jeggings look good with pretty much any women’s shirts & tops you can think of, so mix and match the looks how you want! Go for an oversized flannel and graphic tee when temps drop, and cast the layers aside in the spring and summer with tank tops and t-shirts. Either way, Curvy jeggings look good.

AE women’s jeans come in rigid cotton denim, or in stretch fabrics like Super Stretch, Ne(x)t Level Stretch, Lu(x)e, and Dream. Ne(x)t Level jeans use our softest, stretchiest, never-loses-its-shape denim, while Dream Jeans create a body-hugging fit with comfy legging-life fabric that never bags out, and Lu(x)e jeans use a buttery soft fabric to create moves-with-you-comfort. Try them out in high-waisted jeans, cropped jeans, jeggings, skinny jeans, Mom jeans, and more to find the fit for you!