Public Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, we engage in public policy matters that are consistent with our values, principles, and business interests.

We do not maintain a Political Action Committee (PAC), but we actively advocate our position on international trade, labor and employment, intellectual property, and other matters that affect our company, our associates, our customers and other stakeholders. We are members of and participate actively in several industry associations, government advisory boards, and multi-stakeholder organizations. Where necessary and appropriate, we develop relationships with government officials, elected representatives, and regulatory and administrative bodies, as well as multilateral institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), industry and trade associations, and other stakeholders to engage in public policy dialogue.

In addition, we join with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), trade unions, and/or other companies in bringing issues of serious concern to the attention of foreign governments. For example, in 2004, we co-signed a letter with other brands to the President of the Philippines protesting police harassment of labor activists. In 2005, we co-signed a letter expressing concern about the illegal incarceration of a Mexican trade union leader. We have also engaged in active dialogue with government and industry officials on the important issues of safety in Bangladesh and child labor in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan.

Our Memberships and Associations
National, Regional, and Local Business Associations
Government Advisory Committees and Boards
Corporate Responsibility Organizations