Be individual. Think broadly. Be real. Be distinct.

These principles are the inspiration behind Live Your Life, Love Your Job - the theme that runs through our company, our brand, our culture. We strive to be an employer of choice - a place where people are excited to come to work because they believe in what we do, enjoy working with each other, and have fun doing it.

"AEO has a unique culture of accommodating people. In my job, I interact with everyone from Jim O'Donnell to our cleaning crew. People here have an ability to cross lines and departments and help out with just about any project or problem. You never hear people say, "that's not my job.' They usually say, "let me look into it" - and then they go do it without fanfare. I like the fact that doors are always open and you can talk or ask a favor of most anyone in the company. In many companies, people don't interact with other departments, but here it's the norm. Everyone knows at least a few people in each department and almost everyone is friendly and willing to talk!"
- Herb C., Facilities