Key Sourcing Policies

Great style shouldn't come at the cost of the welfare of others. The materials and treatment processes we use are one part of our commitment to responsible sourcing, reflecting our company values and reinforcing our Code of Conduct.

Uzbek Cotton Ban

In July 2008, after learning of the forced child labor practices involved in cotton production in Uzbekistan, we adopted a policy that banned any use of Uzbek cotton in American Eagle Outfitters apparel. We have since joined the Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN) Cotton Economic Leverage Working Group, pledging to not knowingly source any Uzbek cotton. We have also agreed to denounce any use of child labor or adult forced labor that we find taking place in Uzbekistan. We collaborate with RSN, dozens of international brands, socially-conscious investors and non-governmental officials to raise awareness about these distressing practices in Uzbekistan and put a permanent end to them.

Sandblasting Ban

Our customers love the effortless, worn-in look of denim. Traditionally, sandblasting has been used to distress jeans and give them that fun, faded effect. However, to produce this look, a mixture of abrasive materials has to be sprayed on denim fabric at a high pressure. The sandblasting process includes the use of silica, a component in sand that has serious health effects and requires factory workers to wear special equipment to protect themselves. In 2011, along with other leading fashion companies, we banned sandblasting in the production of our denim. We've also banned the presence of sandblasting equipment in any facility producing for us.

Animal Welfare Policies

Animal cruelty has no place in any of our practices. American Eagle Outfitters explicitly opposes the inhumane treatment of animals and we do not tolerate animal cruelty in the design, manufacturing or testing of American Eagle Outfitters products. The following policies outline our stance on the usage of specific materials and procedures.

Use of Fur

American Eagle Outfitters does not permit the use of fur in the design and manufacture of its merchandise due to the inhumane and unethical treatment of animals raised for fur. Should a design call for the use of fur, synthetic faux-fur is substituted. All products containing faux-fur must also be labeled appropriately.

Animal Testing

American Eagle Outfitters opposes the testing of cosmetics and personal care items on animals. Such testing of American Eagle Outfitters products on any animal is strictly prohibited by the company.

Use of Exotic Skins

American Eagle Outfitters strictly prohibits the use of skins from endangered exotic animals in all products. We also prohibit the use of skins from nonendangered exotic animals if those animals have been slaughtered inhumanely. It is also a violation of this policy to source leather from a supplier that harvests leather from animals in an inhumane way.

Use of Mulesed Wool

The use of mulesed wool in American Eagle Outfitters products is strictly prohibited due to the inhumane nature of the mulesing process.

Use of Angora (Rabbit Hair)

The use of angora (rabbit hair) in American Eagle Outfitters products is strictly prohibited.

Use of Down

All down incorporated in products manufactured for American Eagle Outfitters may be obtained only as a byproduct of the food processing industry. Down may not be obtained from animals designated for the foie gras industry. Down may not be obtained from live animals.