Where We Source
Strategic Sourcing

In our supply chain, we value suppliers that share our commitment to responsibility and respect the safety and rights of their workers. We effectively promote relationships with these types of suppliers by first training our new sourcing associates to understand the importance of compliance in factories. With this base of understanding, our Supply Chain Responsibility team meets monthly with our Sourcing team to discuss the overall performance of our suppliers, including social compliance, and review any factories in our supply chain that are currently working to remediate noncompliance issues.

In 2013, we began developing a supplier scorecard to measure the social compliance performance of our suppliers. This scorecard will measure the supplier's factory social compliance performance and commitment to improvement. It will also reward suppliers that issue their own public report demonstrating their remediation and sustainability programs. When we release the complete criteria for our scorecard, we will encourage our suppliers to use resources such as the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines