Meet the 2020 AerieREAL Changemakers

What #AerieREAL Changemakers REALLY Are Made Of

Through the new #AerieREAL Changemakers Initiative, 20 inspiring individuals have been granted
$20,000 each to help support their mission of creating positive shifts in their communities and around the globe.
By leading impactful projects such as building libraries in underserved regions, empowering incarcerated youth
through writing, shedding light on diverse stories and more, these activists and entrepreneurs continue to
serve as inspiring advocates in pushing humanity forward — this is what Changemakers are made of.

Changemakers in Action


Real Talk: Changemakers Edition — Starting & Sustaining Passion Projects

We gathered a passionate group of our #AerieREAL Changemakers earlier this month to kick off our first-ever Real Talk: Changemakers Edition panels. This week, we’ve…

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Real Talk: Changemakers Edition — All About Storytelling

It’s been nothing short of inspiring to witness our #AerieREAL Changemakers in action, making fearless moves that in turn make for bold…

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Watch Changemaker Kendall Renee’s Inspiring Music Video

It takes gumption to pursue a career in the arts, especially one such as singing, and arguably even…

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#AerieREAL Reads

International Literacy Day with Changemaker Katie Howland

In honor of International Literacy Day, we spoke with #AerieREAL Changemaker and co-founder of Millie’s Bookshelf,…

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