Cotton Undies

Looking for the softest, most breathable undie style out there? We’ve got them right here! Cotton undies are the best fabric for you to wear all day and night. And you can choose from so many different fits and styles.

We call them our favorites because that’s exactly what they are! Favorite cotton panties come in every single one of our eight undie fits including thongs, mini cheekies, cheekies, classic bikinis, boybriefs, mini boybriefs, boyshorts and girly shorts. Every fit offers different booty coverage depending on your preference. If you want to keep those cheeks under wraps, go for the girly short or boyshort styles. But if you want to show some cheek underneath, go for the cheeky or mini cheeky styles. And if you’re looking to prevent panty lines, go for the most revealing style, the thong!

All of the fits come in some fabulous prints with pretty details that change with every season. We like to keep your booty looking fresh. So you can check back for newness every time the season changes. We’ve featured variations on lace waistbands, bold prints, lace insets, mesh details, pretty bows and so much more! Cotton undies are your one stop shop for all your booty coverage needs, no matter what you’re looking for!