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Women's Leggings & Yoga Pants

Aerie Flare leggings
Aerie Flare leggings
Offline full length leggings
Offline 7/8 length leggings
7/8 7/8
Activewear sets
VIRAL, MOST-LOVED Crossover flares
Black leggings 4ever
Green brackground
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IN LENGTHS MADE FOR YOU. OFFLINE leggings come in short and long lengths.
High-Quality Women’s Leggings & Yoga Pants
Have you heard the news?! Leggings are everything, especially OFFLINE by Aerie Leggings. Whether you’re hitting the gym (or the couch!) Aerie has a pair of leggings for YOU! So many of our sweaters, tops & sweatshirts are MADE for leggings, and these leggings are made just for you!

OFFLINE by Aerie’s high-quality leggings collection is here for you to live, lounge or workout in. From couch surfing to the sweatiest of workouts, our women’s leggings are here to support you! Elevate your women’s leggings and yoga pants wardrobe with the perfect blend of super soft, high-quality leggings with pockets… yes, you heard correctly – leggings with pockets!

Experience ultimate comfort and style with Aerie's women's leggings. Elevate your athleisure and activewear wardrobe with our collection of premium yoga pants and women’s leggings, designed to move with you through every pose, stretch or lounge. Crafted with the perfect blend of softness and high-quality fabrics, our leggings provide all-day comfort whether you're hitting the gym or lounging at home.

Shop with confidence for women’s leggings at Aerie. With inclusive sizing options from XXS-XXL, Aerie ensures that everyone and EVERY BODY can find their perfect fit and feel confident in their own skin in our leggings and bike shorts. Experience the ultimate comfort, style, and versatility with Aerie women’s leggings. Shop now and elevate your leggings wardrobe today!