General Notice of Compliance with Customer Service Standard and AODA for AE Canada

Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

Dear Valued Customers:

American Eagle Outfitters and aerie are committed to improving accessibility for individuals with disabilities and complying with the mandatory customer standard addressed in Ontario Regulation 429/07 ("Customer Service Standard") under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ("AODA").


We would like to hear your comments, questions and suggestions about the provision of our goods or services to people with disabilities.

All feedback should be directed to the Customer Relations Line at: 1-888-232-4535 or - Customer Service/E-mail us. If the feedback received is in the nature of a complaint, and you have provided contact information to allow us to respond to you, American Eagle Outfitters and aerie will respond to your concerns within 30 days of receipt, in a manner that considers any disabilities that you have identified.

Availability of Documents

You may request a copy of American Eagle Outfitters' & aerie's Accessible Customer Service Accessibility Policy for Individuals with Disabilities, or any other document required under the AODA or the Customer Service Standard. To do so, please contact the Customer Relations Line by telephone or by email at the above-noted contact information.

Emergency procedures, plans and public safety information are also available upon request.
Emergency information can be provided in an accessible format or with appropriate communications supports,
as soon as practicable, if requested.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

In the event of a planned or unexpected disruption to services or facilities for customers with disabilities,
American Eagle and aerie will notify our customers promptly. Notice, including information about the reason
for the disruption, the anticipated length of time of the disruption, and a description of alternative facilities or
services,if available, will be clearly posted. The notice will be made publicly available at any affected store
locations in the customer check-out areas and at entrances and/or at Services/Facilities
that may be affected may include: elevators, ramps, and/or accessible washrooms.

Accessibility Policy and Multi-Year Accessbility Plan

Thank you.

American Eagle Outfitters & aerie