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OFFLINE Sweaty / 100% Ready Pouch

$24.95 CAD
$18.71 CAD
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OFFLINE Nylon Tote Bag

$54.95 CAD
$41.21 CAD
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OFFLINE Nylon Pouch

$29.95 CAD
$22.46 CAD
OFFLINE by Aerie is activewear for your REAL life! The little things matter—like bags. Whether you’re toting around your essential Minimal-Ish goodies or ankle weights (or just snacks) we’ve got you covered with a place to stash your stuff.

Tote bags are definitely a great call. They’re perfect for your busy, on-the-go vibe. Always keep a tote handy in case you need to run a few errands and take care of our world by thinking REUSABLE!

Keep a little bag tucked in your gym bag for all your essentials: deodorant, hair ties, snacks, etc.

Ready to go for it? Check out OFFLINE sports bras and OFFLINE leggings and sweat it like you mean it!