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Looking for a place to keep everything you need to get going? Aerie bags are here to hold your must-haves. From pretty pouches, to makeup bags, totes and more, there’s a place for your stuff! 

When you’re off to the beach or pool, a pretty straw tote is the best to hold your book, magazine, sunnies & SPF! Straw totes are the cutest with your fave Aerie bikini & cover up. Canvas totes are amaze for going grocery shopping and running errands. You’re busy! Pack a spare tote to fill with gym clothes, dirty laundry, or baked goodies!

Need a new makeup bag? Aerie pouches are amaze to carry makeup & other toiletries while you’re on the go. Pretty colors & patterns make everything even BETTER. Check out our sunglasses, swim accessories and perfume & beauty to fill your newest beach tote!