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Women's Workout Bike Shorts

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OFFLINE Bike Shorts
We’re all in on bike shorts. This trend is here to stay for gym and beyond! Soft is in our DNA, so all OFFLINE bike shorts are made with our seriously soft, luxe fabrics. From OG, to Goals to Real Me, we’ve got you covered.

It’s the little things! That’s why OFFLINE bike shorts are all about the details. From pockets to prints, to ribbed, mesh, and shine deets, we’re here to keep you moving. OFFLINE bike shorts are offered in three lengths: 4 inches, 7 inches (the standard), and 9 inches. This lets you choose the length you want for your sweaty workout or your walk through the park.

We’re also totally obsessed with our joggers and sweatpants! Our OTT Fleece is everything. That’s Over The Top Fleece, and it’s amazing. OTT Fleece is next level soft and has spandex in it (so it moves with you). All of our fabrics are made for movement—even our sweatshirts and joggers. Soft and cozy meets getting moving! Check out OFFLINE joggers and OFFLINE sweatpants!