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Women's High Waisted Bike Shorts

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Women's Bike Shorts

It’s all about bike shorts! The cutest new trend is here to make you feel good from top to bottoms. Aerie bike shorts are your newest love in pretty prints, patterns & neons that will make you smile.

Bike shorts are your go-to for a comfy casual look. Bike shorts look amaze with sweaters & sweatshirts in made for leggings lengths (the best for a busy Saturday!) Bike shorts are great for running errands & lounging. Pair with a sports bra for a sporty chic look that’s ready for the gym (!!!) Bike shorts are a serious staple for chilling & getting moving. 

Bike shorts look great with hoodies, tanks & your fave boyfriend tees. Pretty heathered fabrics, bright neons & cute camos are here to keep you feeling comfy (oh, and POCKETS, too!)

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