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Comfy Shorts for Women
Aerie women's shorts are cute, comfy and ready to go! Say hello to the softest fabrics & prettiest deets. Make any day feel like Summer in comfy shorts as cute as you are. It doesn't matter what your shorts style is - fleece shorts, cozy and comfy shorts, or lightweight and ready-for-anything running shorts. We have tons of options when it comes to comfy shorts for women, so check out the full assortment of fleece shorts, high-waisted shorts, running shorts

It's all about bike shorts and fleece shorts! The cutest new trend is here to make you feel good from top to bottoms. Bike shorts are your newest love in pretty prints & patterns that will make you smile. Our bike short fabrics are here for you to keep comfy and get moving. Unique deets like washes and pretty ribbed trims are s'cute and made for you! Whether you're actually cycling or running errands, you'll feel comfortable and supported enough to get your stuff done in these comfy shorts for women.

From pretty denim to spandex to luscious plush, Aerie and OFFLINE shorts are here for any adventure. Our plush is so dreamy and buttery soft you'll want to LIVE in it. Super soft and comfy shorts are key to busy days (and lazy ones, too.) Oh, and of course it's all about the little things (!!!) so pretty deets like drawstrings, pockets & acid wash vibes make all the difference when it comes to your spring and summer wardrobe. Try your new comfy shorts with workout tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, cozy sweaters and more - there's no wrong answer how to style your comfy shorts!

Hitting the beach? Pair your newest loves with Swimsuits! Throw on your comfy shorts over bikinis or one piece swimsuits for a pretty, beachy vibe. Taking a sunnie vacay? Check out our coverups and sunglasses, too! For every outfit you're thinking of trying, we have a pair of comfy shorts for that. And don't forget about our bras, underwear and leggings! All of our products are made with YOU in mind. Happy shopping!