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Light Support
  • For walks, low-impact exercise classes & warm up/cooldown stretches
  • Light support for all cup sizes
Aerie Sports Bras - Light Support
Light-to-Medium Support
  • For yoga, home workouts & other low-to-medium impact activities
  • Medium support for AA-C cups; Light support for D-DDD cups
Aerie Sports Bras - Light to Medium Support
Medium-to-High Support
  • Made for aerobic/HIIT classes, afternoon runs, bike rides & other medium-to-high impact activities
  • High support for AA-B cups; Medium support for C-DDD cups
Aerie Sports Bras - Medium to High Support
Sports Bras

Let’s get moving! Whatever your adventure may be, there’s an ah-mazing Aerie sports bra that will support you getting your sweat on. Layering sports bras are amazing for yoga (or lounging!) Being comfortable and supported is a serious love. Pair with leggings or bike shorts for a sporty get-going look.

Need super sporty vibes & major support? Seamless, spandex-blend & mesh sports bras are our go-to faves! Comfortable and easy for ANY activity. Amaze. Think about deets (because you know it’s the little things.) Peep cutouts. Cute! Ooh and yoga bra plus yoga pants equals LOVE. Whether it’s a marathon (or a TV marathon) kind of day… you’re supported. 

Looking for a little lift? Padded sports bras are your new BFF. Amaze for tanks, padded sports bras will give you a little lift, a little extra protection & a lot of love. Some even have removable padding so you can customize how much lift you want every. single. day. Oh, aaand some have ah-mazing adjustable straps so you can really find a fit that’s all YOU.

Cuddling up and taking a you day? Think low impact sports bras—made for couch surfing. More little things: strappy & lace deets for extra fun. Crisscross straps are oh so fun and put a strappy & sexy spin on your classic sweat (or not) look. Medium impact sports bras keep you on the go with just enough support for barre class and running errands, and high impact sports bras are more about your next gym sesh or class. Find the right level of support and impact for your day and feel real good about your sports bra style! 

P.S. Sports bras are covered by our Bra Fit Guarantee, too! Get free shipping and free returns on all bras today. Let your bedroom be the fitting room!