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Bikini Underwear

FIRST LAYERS Super-lightweight bodysuits, camis & undies for staying in.
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Bikini Undies for Women

Bikini undies are a. total. classic!  They look good, feel good & let you do you. Aerie undies are made with love & are designed for EVERY booty! You’re one of a kind and Aerie undies are here to help you feel good from top to bottoms (and from sweaters to undies.) 

Bikini undies are cute & feat. the best amount of coverage. Just a peek of cheek means you feel good showing off your booty (but feel covered and comfy.) Bold unique prints, stripes, cut outs & bows are all pretty deets that make Aerie boybriefs stand out. From the brightest neons to true to you nudes, your undie drawer will be full of L-O-V-E.

Bikini undies cut comes in all of our amaze fabrics like Real Soft® stretch cotton, Shine, lace, ribbed & more (so you can change things up with your favorite fit!) We want you to feel confident AND comfy, so pick the material you think is best for YOU. Thinking of trying something other than your classic bikini?  Rock total cheek with our thongs, more cheek peek with our Cheeky, and no cheek with our Boybrief and Boyshort undies. Yes!

Our undies are designed with you in mind. Thongs and seamless undies are perfect for wearing with tighter clothes like yoga pants & jeans. Cheeky and boybrief undies are amaze to snuggle into sweatpants & joggers. Feeling dreamy? Check out our sleepwear. Whatever you wear, be true to you with Aerie.